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About Goa Logistics

Goa Logistics provides international logistical solutions and services, with an emphasis on understanding the customer’s needs and providing high-quality, personal and reliable service.

About the Company

Goa Logistics is a private company founded in early 2015 by professionals from the international freight and logistics industry with 15 years of experience.

Goa Logistics is a company providing international logistics solutions and services, with an emphasis on understanding customer needs and providing quality, personal and reliable service.

The company provides a range of logistics solutions from the supplier to the end customer, focusing on customer needs - adherence to schedule, maintaining product quality, regular updates, maintaining end customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

We in Goa escort you from the moment you contact us for a quote, through the handling of the products to reaching your final destination while ensuring your customer satisfaction.

Our expertise and care will save you time, problems and money and will keep you focused on your core activities.
We, in Goa, work closely with you and adapt the nature of the service to your requirements, to ensure your complete satisfaction and to give you advantages over your competitors.

Our Customers

Goa Logistics is serving global and local organizations in a variety of activities worldwide, such as export, import, international trading companies and project based companies (construction, infrastructure etc.).

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