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International Logistical Solutions and Services

Goa Logistics provides international logistical solutions and services, with an emphasis on understanding the customer’s needs and providing high-quality, personal and reliable service.


Our Clients

Goa Logistics is serving global and local organizations in a variety of activities worldwide, such as export, import, international trading companies and project based companies (construction, infrastructure etc.). We provide individual solutions to any kind of commodity trade, such as chemicals, plastic, food products etc.

Hi, We Are Goa Logistics

Goa Logistics is a private company founded in early 2015 by international freight forwarding and logistics professionals with 15 years of experience. Goa Logistics is a company providing international logistics solutions and services, with an emphasis on understanding customer needs and providing quality, personal and reliable service.


Escort from the moment of the turn to the final destination


Adhering to schedule, maintaining product quality and lowering costs


Over 15 years of experience in international shipping and logistics

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